BREAKING! Melania Trump Makes MAJOR Announcement, Supporters Surprised

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BREAKING! Melania Trump Makes MAJOR Announcement, Supporters Surprised

In the first place, First Lady Melania Trump has been a profoundly private individual for most every last bit of her life — which is the reason she chose to avoid the underlying White House mayhem and remain with Barron in New York City, helping him complete out whatever is left of his school year.

She has likewise been liable to some to a great degree revolting assaults by the left — who aren’t tolerant of anybody or anything related to the President of the United States.

Along these lines, supporters were shocked when she declared that she wants to forget NY and wander with President Trump on his first foreign trip as president.

USANF reports:

On Thursday, Melania Trump declared that she will join her husband on his first foreign trip as president. White House official confirmed that Melania will be ideal by President Trump amid the whole trip. It is not clear if Barron Trump will go along with them.

As we revealed seven days back, President Trump will go to Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Italy before going to the NATO G-7 meetings in Brussels. Amid his trip to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump will meet with King Salman receptacle Abd Al-Aziz, to discuss the issues in the Middle East with the terrorist associations and dishonor “radical ideologies.”

At that point, he is booked to meet with President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. They will discuss the dangers postured by terrorist groups like ISIS, and also conceivable approaches to make peace amongst Israelis and Palestinians.

He is likewise booked to visit Italy to meet with Pope Francis to discuss “cooperation between the United States and religious communities in areas of joint concern.”

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