OH, MY GOD! Bush Family Just Got HORRIBLE News – PLEASE PRAY…

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OH, MY GOD! Bush Family Just Got HORRIBLE News – PLEASE PRAY…

George H. W. Bush has been hospitalized again because of his hard pneumonia on exceptional care. Our previous president battles with his ailment and the things are not going admirably after he was hospitalized 2 weeks prior and kept in the doctor’s facility, however, the things are not showing signs of improvement.

George H.W. Bush is 92 years of age and is the most established President of the US alive. Be that as it may, he is not the only one.

The whole Bush family is upset while George H.W. Bush battles his sickness. Be that as it may, the positive soul and the support from the whole countries keeps his condition. Geroge W. Bush, his child, much the same as numerous different individuals from their family and dear companions went by the 41th.

After we as a whole heard the awful news, the country concentrated on George H.W. Bush and wished him the best. The country prays for the old man.

MAY GOD PROTECT THIS MAN! George H.W. Bush needs our prayers. Pray God for him and urge him to win his fight. In these tough circumstances, he has to realize that he is not overlooked and that we remain with him! We need to show solidarity and humanism now when it’s hardest.

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