Right Before Leaving James Comey Told Senator Grassley GIGANTIC Secret About President Trump, Dems BAMBOOZLED

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Right Before Leaving James Comey Told Senator Grassley GIGANTIC Secret About President Trump, Dems BAMBOOZLED

Today James Comey accomplished something sudden yet of key significance about how the current political emergency in our general public will end. Then again, the liberal leftist spends the most recent few days groaning and crying why is Comey fired.

They even attempted to persuade everyone that Trump fired Comey over an investigation about his associations with Russian authorities. Obviously, that is unadulterated fake news, however, they adhere to their plan they will utilize each chance to damage and ruin the President.

Democrats’ most extravagant fantasy is to see Trump impeached. They used to play messy despite everything they manufacture EVERYTHING just to dishonor the president. Democrats utilize Comey’s end as an opportunity to make their fantasies work out.

As I specified some time recently, James Comey accomplished something essential today. After this, the liberals’ mouths will be at last shut.Senator Chuck Grassley got a message in which Comey expressed and confirmed that Trump was not the subject of an FBI investigation. He told Senator Grassley that Trump is totally honest as he doesn’t ha anything to do with FBI’s Russia investigation. This was likewise distributed on Grassley’s senate site.

“On Tuesday, the President’s letter said that Director Comey told him he was not under investigation. Senator Feinstein and I heard nothing that contradicted the President’s statement. “– said Grassley according to Liberty Writers.

This is simply one more confirmation how wrong the Democrats are. I believe that they are additionally truly very much aware that everyone’s beginning to notice that they simply play the dramatization. Despite everything, they need to place us into the anecdotal enclosure loaded with untruths, results of their creative ability.

I assume that with this declaration the “enormous mystery” is at long last uncovered. Presently, the majority of the Democrats ought to stop their crying and concentrate on some main problems. Donald Trump has a truly bustling calendar he needs to make America great again, and he has no opportunity to waste on insane, disappointed liberals.

This is the genuine story about James Comey and FBI’s Russia investigation. Share this post and spread the news Donald Trump is INNOCENT! Stop the liberal falsehoods!

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