That was Fast! O’Reilly Starts NEW GIG on June 17. And, Guess Who’s COMING WITH HIM!

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That was Fast! O’Reilly Starts NEW GIG on June 17. And, Guess Who’s COMING WITH HIM!

The Fox News Company had one terrible year following up some bad decisions. Their falling began during the first Presidential Debate when Megan Kelly stood on Hillary Clinton’s side. Not to mention the firing of Bill O’Reilly.

** The Murdoch Family are not conservatives and don’t give a hoot about FOX News other than the dollars and cents involved. The tens of millions of dollars they are losing by letting FOX News evaporate are nothing compared to the billions involved in the SKY Plc purchase/takeover they are working on, so FOX viewers lose. Big time!

Last week FOX News caved in to pressure from advertisers and protesters when they fired Bill O’Reilly, amid ongoing allegations of sexual harassment. They “fired” him, but they gave him a nice little $25,000,000.00 going away present. I wish I could get fired like that.

Bill O’Reilly is not just sitting around at house counting his newly acquired millions. Last week he met with the Pope, and on June 17th he begins his nationwide “The Spin Stops Here Tour“ with Dennis Miller and Jesse Watters.
According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News after allegations of sexual harassment, but it’s all systems go for the anchor’s live “The Spin Stops Here Tour,” despite some pressure on arenas to cancel appearances.
The show stars O’Reilly along with comedian Dennis Miller and Jesse Watters, best known for his humorous on-the-street interviews on the now-canceled The O’Reilly Factor.
As of Friday, Ticketmaster was still selling standard tickets for $65 and VIP seats for $500, the latter of which includes a meeting and photo opportunity with the three stars and an autographed gift bag. Ticketmaster, owned by Live Nation, had no comment on Friday.
Fox News is falling fast. They either change their policies or fall down as the competition eats them.

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