WATCH – Tim Allen Just ROASTED College Snowflakes In the Most BRILLIANT Way Possible…

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WATCH – Tim Allen Just ROASTED College Snowflakes In the Most BRILLIANT Way Possible…

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 25: Actor Tim Allen arrives at the 15th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party held at the Pacific Design Center on February 25, 2007 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

In one of the best episodes of Last Man Standing, ABC’s hit comedy series staring Tim Allen — which has unfortunately been canceled by Hollywood liberals — college snowflakes get roasted mercilessly.

Allen, as the conservative father Mike Baxter, reveals why “micro-aggressions,” as coined by liberal fools and often prohibited on college campuses, are an assault on our First Amendment right to free speech.
In some misguided quest not to hurt feelings, we have ended up being unable to truly voice our opinions. Allen’s show rightfully calls the faculty who’ve decided to censor speech as the “thought police.”

As we saw in the presidential election, liberals seem to think that if you can’t speak your opinion you just won’t have an opinion.

When the truth is, many of us who have differing opinions from liberal snowflakes have simply decided NOT to interact with them, instead of hearing about how every word out of our mouth is a “micro-aggression”. Who needs that kind of frustration?

Liberals, who have thus formed themselves some “safe spaces” where no differing opinion can be heard, were then shocked when the majority of the nation voted against them. This is precisely why some young fools think the elections had to be rigged, after all, they don’t know a single person who could have voted for Donald Trump.

Oh liberals, when will you learn? If you don’t talk to someone, you’ll never know how or why they think the way they do. You’ll never have the chance to understand opposing opinions. You’ll never have the chance to even realize opposing opinions exist.

This is precisely why we need to get this liberal “micro-aggression” nonsense out of our colleges. It’s not just that it’s a hamper on freedom of speech, particularly of conservative students. No, it’s also for the liberal snowflakes’ own good. It’s about time they rejoined us all in the area of public debate.

It’s about time they realized there are more opinions out there than just their own. If the past presidential election didn’t do that, well, I guess its time we re-opened debate at our colleges — and our high-schools for that matter!

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